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Alessandro Pedori

Alessandro Pedori

CTO at EnterpriseAI Consulting

An experienced professional with over 20 years in computer engineering, specializing in language technologies and AI. Passionate about coaching, education, and organizing events focused on personal growth, meditation, and emotional intelligence.

About Alessandro Pedori

Alessandro Pedori is a seasoned tech enthusiast and people-centric professional, boasting over two decades of expertise in computer engineering. With a specialized focus on language technologies and artificial intelligence, Alessandro has honed his skills in crafting innovative solutions within the realm of technology. Python serves as his primary tool, and he navigates *NIX systems adeptly, leveraging open-source tools to achieve his objectives.

Beyond his technical prowess, Alessandro is deeply passionate about coaching and education. He has shared his knowledge through a variety of avenues, including teaching classes and workshops covering diverse topics such as natural language processing, programming, and cultivating soft skills tailored for programmers. His expertise extends to providing personalized coaching and consultancy services, showcasing his adeptness in one-on-one interactions. As a co-founder of the IFS Collective, a therapy and coaching company, Alessandro has played an instrumental role in fostering personal growth and development.

Alessandro's dedication to facilitating growth extends beyond the realm of technology. He actively engages in organizing events and workshops centered around themes such as interpersonal relationships, embodiment, emotional intelligence, and meditation. His involvement in coordinating meditation retreats, unconferences, and similar gatherings underscores his commitment to holistic well-being and personal enrichment.

Alessandro Pedori will be speaking about:

Professional Development & Wellbeing

How will AI influence my future of work?

Calendar Second Stage   Time May 15, 13:30-14:10

(This session will be in English)

Alessandro will conduct a thorough examination of how AI is set to shape the future of work, analyzing its current capabilities, identifying prevalent opportunities, and painting a vivid picture of the foreseeable scenarios ahead.