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Dr. Andreas Lutz

Dr. Andreas Lutz

President at VGSD

Recognized for his advocacy, He established VGSD in 2011 to represent small businesses amid cuts in startup grants and compulsory pension insurance plans.

About Dr. Andreas Lutz

Andreas Lutz is the founder and chairman of the board of VGSD. He is nationally recognized for his website, as well as his numerous books for founders and self-employed individuals. Lutz also moderates the official XING group "Founders and Self-Employed" with over 100,000 members.

In 2011, he realized the lack of representation for founders and small self-employed individuals when campaigning against cuts in startup grants. When plans for compulsory pension insurance with high contributions regardless of income emerged, he decided to create an association to represent the interests of this group.

Dr. Andreas Lutz will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

Politisches Panel zu Scheinselbstständigkeit und der Zukunft von Freelancing in Deutschland

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 16, 11:05-11:50

(This session will be in German)

This panel will feature three politicians: Marc Biadacz, Jens Teutrine, and Dr. Andreas Lutz. They will discuss the challenges and future prospects of freelancing in Germany, focusing on the issue of false self-employment and its impact on the gig economy.