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Antonia Landi

Product Operations Consultant & Coach 

An influential figure in European Product Operations, she leads coaching and training efforts while fostering community growth. Her insights and initiatives drive industry advancements on a global scale.

About Antonia Landi

Antonia is a dynamic force in the realm of Product Operations and Product Management Leadership. As a Freelance Product Operations & Product Management Leader, she stands at the forefront of European Product Operations, driven by a firm belief in its potential to elevate companies into market leaders.

With a multifaceted approach, Antonia coaches and trains Product and Product Ops Managers, while also actively engaging in Product Operations projects herself. Her mission extends beyond individual growth to fostering vibrant communities within the industry. She spearheads Germany's sole in-person meet-up group for Product Operations professionals and co-authored the Product Operations Manifesto, shaping the discourse and practices in this evolving field.

Antonia's influence reaches far and wide, with her insights featured in leading publications like LeadDev, Mind the Product, and Product-Led Alliance.

Antonia Landi will be speaking about:

Professional Development and Wellbeing

(Re)Defining success: Forging your own path in a world of advice

Calendar Second Stage   Time May 15, 15:00-15:40

(This session will be in English)