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Dominik Florschuetz

Dominik Florschütz

BI & Data Science at Piton

A data enthusiast and experienced consultant that believes in using data to drive positive change. With insights from consulting across various industries, he aims to develop solutions that empower individuals and businesses in navigating the project market efficiently.

About Dominik Florschütz

Dominik Florschuetz is a data enthusiast committed to leveraging the potential of data to tackle today's challenges and drive positive outcomes. With extensive experience consulting for companies ranging from startups to large enterprises, he has gained valuable insights into the complexities of the project market. Dominik understands the struggle of navigating this landscape and aims to develop solutions that empower individuals and businesses to effectively manage projects and showcase their skills.

Having witnessed firsthand the difficulties companies and freelancers face in sourcing candidates and projects, Dominik is passionate about addressing these issues. He is dedicated to creating tools that provide a clearer market overview and help individuals position themselves optimally. With his expertise and data-driven approach, Dominik is poised to make a significant impact on workforce management and project market efficiency.

Dominik Florschütz will be speaking about:

Professional Development & Wellbeing

Skills that convert: Choosing the right tech stack

Calendar Workshop Room   Time May 15, 17:10-17:50

(This session will be in German)

Der Freelancer-Projektmarkt in Deutschland erlebt nach einer goldenen Phase aktuell turbulente Zeiten. Langfristiger Erfolg ist nur durch eine gezielte Marktpositionierung und die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung und Schärfung der richtigen Fähigkeiten möglich. Basierend auf der Analyse von über einer halben Million Ausschreibungen, identifiziere ich die besonders gefragten Hard Skills und zeige auf, wie neue Skillbereiche und Jobgruppen erschlossen werden können.