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Dr Benno Grunewald

Dr. Benno Grunewald

Tax Lawyer

Dedicated lawyer providing legal, tax advice, and mediation for freelancers and businesses. Over 20 years' experience, specializing in IT, events, agencies, and nursing sectors.

About Dr. Benno Grunewald

Dr. Benno Grunewald is a respected expert who helps freelancers and businesses alike.

With expertise spanning over 20 years, he offers comprehensive services including strategic legal counsel, tax advice, and mediation. Based in Bremen, Dr. Grunewald is dedicated to providing expert representation in tax law and contractual mediation.

His extensive experience extends nationally, with a focus on sectors such as IT, events, agencies, and nursing. Whether navigating complex legal matters or representing clients in negotiations or court, Dr. Grunewald is committed to delivering the highest level of support and ensuring successful outcomes.

Dr. Benno Grunewald will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

Scheinselbständigkeit, Rentenversicherungspflicht und Verträge für Selbständige.

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 15, 15:50-16:30

(This session will be in German)