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Glen Hodgson

Glen Hodgson

Founder & CEO of Freelance Movement

Passionate about digitalization, the future of work, and the Platform Economy. A respected commentator on European affairs, offering insights as a presenter, moderator, and panelist. Expert in EU policy and processes.

About Glen Hodgson

Glen Hodgson is the Founder & CEO of Freelance Movement, a prominent trade association and stakeholder initiative focusing on digitalization, the future of work, and the Platform Economy. With over 40 members, Freelance Movement stands as the largest group of its kind in Northern Europe, spearheading discussions and initiatives in these crucial areas.

In addition to his leadership role, Glen is a respected commentator on European affairs, frequently contributing insights on technology and the future of work. He is a sought-after presenter, moderator, and panelist, bringing valuable perspectives to discussions shaping our digital landscape.

With a diverse background spanning think tanks, consultancy, and trade association leadership, Glen is a seasoned policy expert, commentator, author, moderator, and coach. His expertise extends across public affairs, lobbying, and corporate communications, with a specialization in European Union policy and processes.

Glen Hodgson will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

The EU regulatory framework and the Platform Worker Rights Directive

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 16, 13:45-14:15

(This session will be in English)

In this session, Glen Hodgson will cover the core aspects of the legislation and its intersection with key regulatory frameworks like GDPR and the AI Act. He'll explore how these laws impact both platforms and freelancers, examining the practical implications for each. Additionally, Glen will outline actionable next steps to navigate these regulations effectively.