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Justus Spengler

Justus Spengler

Founder & CEO at Rockstar Recruiting

A Zürich-based expert in tech recruitment leads Rockstar Recruiting, connecting top tech talent with innovative companies, specializing in AI, Blockchain, and more.

About Justus Spengler

Justus Spengler, a Psychology graduate from the University of Zürich, boasts over seven years of tech recruiting expertise. His journey began as a student, honing his skills in the field. Recognizing the power of personal interaction, Justus founded Rockstar Recruiting, a personal platform based in Zürich dedicated to connecting extraordinary tech experts with innovative tech companies.

Rockstar Recruiting thrives under Justus's leadership, leveraging his keen insights to establish meaningful connections with candidates and match them with the perfect opportunities. With close ties to ETH, its alumni network & spin-offs, Rockstar Recruiting follows a clear focus on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and Software Engineering. Their interdisciplinary approach, informed by years of experience in the tech industry, psychology, and IT Recruitment, sets them apart in the field.

Justus Spengler will be speaking about:

Freiberufliche Tätigkeit in der Schweiz. Wie funktioniert das?

  (This session will be in German)