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Karla Schönicke 

Interim Product Lead

Experienced leader in product management and tech entrepreneurship. Advocates for diversity and innovation. Recognized for leadership in global competitions.

About Karla Schönicke

Karla is a seasoned Freelance Product Lead and Venture Scout at Ananda Impact Ventures.

With a rich background as Head of Product for Skyland Wealth, Interim Head of Product at Yook, and roles at Sauce Labs and RatePAY, she's a software product management leader passionate about crafting innovative digital solutions. Karla advocates for agile methods, user-centric design, and diverse teams.

Recognized for her leadership, she was a RAHM 2018 TOP10 finalist and listed among the 50 Women in Product in Europe 2018.

She's the proud winner of the XATHON female entrepreneurship hackathon and the founder of Women CTO Dinner community, aiming to elevate women in tech leadership.

Additionally, she co-initiated the #FINacademy and serves as the community manager of the Female Investors Network, fostering diversity and empowerment in tech and investment sectors.

Karla Schönicke will be speaking about:

Professional Development & Wellbeing

Product management anti-patterns

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 16, 14:20-15:00

(This session will be in English)

This session will delve into identifying the behaviors that commonly result in frustrated product teams and stakeholders, substantial investments of time and resources, and ultimately, the absence of a profitable, functional product.