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Mateo Cassese

Matteo Cassese

Business Storytelling Coach at La Fabbrica della Realtà 

A seasoned professional specializing in transforming hard facts into compelling narratives. Empowering business professionals for success in meetings and presentations with bravery, clarity, and effectiveness.

About Matteo Cassese

Matteo Cassese is a seasoned business storytelling coach who champions the power of imagination, stories, and entrepreneurship. With a diverse background spanning digital marketing for global brands like Warner Bros., teaching at universities such as Link Campus, and consulting for industry giants like Netflix.

Throughout his career, Matteo has had the privilege of coaching thousands of individuals across diverse industries, each encounter adding depth and nuance to his understanding of effective leadership and communication strategies.

Matteo Cassese will be speaking about:

Professional Development & Wellbeing

Why you struggle with self-promotion and what to do about it

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 15, 17:20-18:00

(This session will be in English)
After two decades of focusing on storytelling and assisting thousands of freelancers in improving their communication and pitching skills, Matteo has learned some crucial facts. 
If you gain enough confidence, your SEO, your ads, your social media, and your networking gigs will all become effortless. That's because you'll be so certain of what you have to say that you will have the magical ability to bend your story to whatever format. People with clear internal stories rarely struggle with communicating externally. Yet, this ability is elusive to many. It doesn't have to be that way. 
In this talk, Matteo will explore why self-employed professionals sometimes struggle with promoting themselves, sharing helpful ideas and tips.