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Melinda Braunke

Senior Consultant & Head Temp at Rockstar Recruiting

A Senior Consultant at Rockstar Recruiting AG, with experience at Foxify, Hays, and IBM. Holds an Institute for Integrative Nutrition certification and a range of expertise in Marketing, HR, and more.

About Melinda Braunke

Melinda Braunke is a seasoned Senior Consultant and Head Temp at Rockstar Recruiting AG. With a wealth of experience garnered from prominent positions at Foxify, Hays, and IBM, Melinda brings a depth of knowledge to her role.

She holds a Institute for Integrative Nutrition certification, underscoring her commitment to holistic approaches. Additionally, Melinda possesses a diverse skill set encompassing Marketing, English, Microsoft Excel, Human Resources, Microsoft Office, and more, making her a versatile asset in the industry.

Melinda Braunke will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

Freiberufliche Tätigkeit in der Schweiz. Wie funktioniert das?

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 16, 15:05-15:45

(This session will be in German)