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Mina Bastawros

Mina Bastawros

VP of Creative & Digital Marketing at Airbus

With over a decade at Airbus, Mina's journey has evolved from engineer to VP Creative and Digital Marketing. His commitment to innovation and customer-centric approaches fuels transformative business strategies, ensuring Airbus remains an industry leader.

About Mina Bastawros

Mina embarked on his journey with Airbus over a decade ago, entering the company through its esteemed Graduate Programme in 2011. Since then, he has ascended the corporate ladder with remarkable agility and prowess, transitioning through roles ranging from Stress Engineer to Manager, Lead Supply Chain and Quality Manager, and Corporate Founder – New Business Development, before assuming the mantle of VP Creative and Digital Marketing in 2022.

Mina's self-description as a 'multilingual and multicultural engineer at heart' reflects his deep-rooted commitment to diversity and innovation. His passion for pushing boundaries and reshaping paradigms is evident in his approach to understanding and meeting customer needs in unprecedented ways.

At Airbus, Mina is at the forefront of driving disruptive and transformative business endeavors. As the leader of the Creative and Digital Marketing division, he not only orchestrates superior marketing strategies but also pioneers advancements in how marketing is conceptualized and executed within the organization, ensuring Airbus remains a trailblazer in the aerospace industry.

Mina Bastawros will be speaking about:

Professional Development & Wellbeing

Freelancing in the Aerospace Industry

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 16, 09:00-09:40

(This session will be in English)

Discover how freelancers can thrive in the aerospace industry. Learn about the projects typically outsourced to independent professionals and gain insights into navigating this specialized sector.