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Tomas Renner

Tomas Renner

Head of Growth at eRecht24

With 25 years' experience in e-commerce, Tomas has led SEO, content, and product projects. Driving growth at eRecht24 since Oct '22, he focuses on data-driven strategies to optimize conversion and enhance customer satisfaction.

About Tomas Renner

Tomas Renner, with 25 years of e-commerce and online marketing experience, is a seasoned digital marketing strategist and legal tech expert. Through leadership and consultation in various areas like SEO, content marketing, and product development, he gained deep insights into marketplace dynamics and customer behavior, honed through roles at idealo, advocado, and chrono24.

Since October 2022, Tomas has been instrumental in driving growth at eRecht24, focusing on optimizing conversion rates and leveraging data-driven strategies to enhance customer satisfaction within the legal tech subscription model. With a mission to optimize the entire customer journey through approaches like landing page optimization and content marketing, he embraces challenges and innovation in this evolving field, constantly seeking to enhance his skills and knowledge.

Tomas Renner will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

Freiberufler und die DSGVO: Umgang mit Datenschutzbestimmungen

Calendar Second Stage   Time May 16, 13:45-14:25

(This session will be in German)