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Ulrich Watermann

Co-Founder at zwischen#räume & Lecturer at INeKO

Seasoned professional with 15+ years' experience as a Scrum Master & Systemic Coach. Expert in agile coaching & consultancy, driving successful transformations across diverse industries.

About Ulrich Watermann

Ulrich Watermann, a seasoned Professional Scrum Master and Systemic Coach, brings over 15 years of experience in agile coaching and consultancy. With certifications from and the INeKO Institute, Ulrich specializes in facilitating agile transformations across diverse industries. His deep understanding of project dynamics and interpersonal interactions at various management levels makes him adept at navigating complex organizational landscapes.

Ulrich's expertise extends to diverse industries such as software, IT, construction, engineering, financial services, and management consultancy. He excels in introducing agile methodologies, particularly Scrum, into environments previously organized by traditional methods. Additionally, Ulrich's extensive experience as a consultant and coach, coupled with his role as a lecturer for agile project management at the INeKO Institute, underscores his commitment to enhancing project teams' efficiency and fostering collaborative environments within organizations.

Ulrich Watermann will be speaking about:

Sales & Marketing

Effektive Kundenkommunikation

Calendar Workshop Room   Time May 16, 09:30-10:10

(This session will be in German)