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Alexander Keck

Alexander Keck

Founder of Unternehmergold 

Alexander Keck is the author of the best selling books "Weniger Steuern & mehr Vermögen" and "GmbH gründen". With his company Unternehmergold, he shows freelancers and business owners how they save taxes and build more wealth.

About Alexander Keck

Alexander Keck, founder of Unternehmergold, discovered entrepreneurship at 17, founding his first company during school. With a background in finance and controlling, he built a tradesman platform, developed digital business models, and served as a freelance business consultant.

In his books, "Weniger Steuern & mehr Vermögen" ('Less Taxes & More Wealth') and "GmbH gründen" ('Founding a GmbH'), Alexander guides freelancers and business owners to transform taxes into wealth. As a dedicated hand judge for competition law at the Berlin Regional Court, he also shares his expertise through Unternehmergold, offering valuable knowledge and tools to empower entrepreneurs in their financial journey. As a husband and father of two, Alexander resides in Berlin, focusing on translating tax complexities into understandable, relevant, and actionable insights for fellow entrepreneurs.

Alexander Keck will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

Wann sollte man als Freelancer eine GmbH gründen?

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 15, 13:30-14:10

(This session will be in German)