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Magdalena Ziomek

Magdalena Ziomek

Founder & Managing Director at SMartDe eG

Art history & project management graduate, a creative worker & social entrepreneur empowering people since 2006. Founder & CEO of 'agitPolska', 'Smart network of creative', 'Smart Coop', & 'Smart Bildungswerk'.

About Magdalena Ziomek

Magdalena Ziomek studied art history in Poland and project management in Germany. She defines herself a creative worker and a social entrepreneur. Since 2006 Magdalena Ziomek has invested her academic knowledge and her personal experience to develop effective, tailor-made solutions that empower people who strive with administrative, financial, social and cultural barriers while seeking to make a living and to pursue their professional projects.

Magdalena Ziomek is founder, CEO and board member of the following organizations: non-profit association ‘agitPolska’ (with migrant communities, since 2006), non-profit association ‘Smart network of creative’ (with artists and creative professionals, since 2014), ‘Smart Coop’ (with freelance workers since 2015) and non-profit limited ‘Smart Bildungswerk’ (with freelancers from the training and educational field, since 2019).

Magdalena Ziomek will be speaking about:

Professional Development & Wellbeing

Empowering freelancers with security and solidarity through cooperatives

Calendar Second Stage   Time May 16, 10:30-11:10

(This session will be in English)