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Maruan Faraj

Founder & CEO at Finally Freelancing

From freelancer to successful consultancy owner, Maruan Faraj helps self-employed individuals thrive. With tailored guidance, he empowers freelancers to boost profits and achieve entrepreneurial goals, impacting over 850 professionals.

About Maruan Faraj

Originally starting out as a freelancer himself, Maruan is now the proud owner of the successful premium consultancy Finally Freelancing. Together with his team of 20, he has already worked with over 850 self-employed individuals in the fields of design, IT, and digital, helping them significantly increase their revenues.

Maruan Faraj is a true polymath: within a few years, he has transformed his own freelance career as a UX designer into a flourishing company that now generates millions in revenue. Alongside his partner and team, he guides self-employed individuals to break free from the time-for-money cycle and make their services profitable. He places great emphasis on providing tailored consultancy that precisely meets the needs of his clients.

Maruan's aim is to reach over a million self-employed individuals and guide them towards their entrepreneurial goals. He is a trailblazer in empowering freelancers and serves as an inspiring role model for those who wish to take control of their professional future.

Maruan Faraj will be speaking about:

Sales & Marketing

Preisstrategien: Wie und wann Du am besten deinen Preis erhöhen solltest

Calendar Main Stage   Time May 16, 09:45-10:25

(This session will be in German)