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Nicolas Kopp

Nicolas Kopp

Co-Founder & CEO at digital essence

With over 16 years of diverse experience, Nicolas excels in IT project management, front-end development, 3D/VR applications, and SEO optimization. A thought leader in artificial intelligence, advising Germany, and contributing to tech publications. 

About Nicolas Kopp

Nicolas Kopp is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning freelancing, interim management, entrepreneurship, public speaking, writing, investment, and consultancy. With over sixteen years of experience, he excels in planning and executing complex IT projects, assuming temporary leadership roles, and driving technological innovation.

Specializing in front-end development with Vue.js, crafting immersive 3D and VR applications using the Unreal Engine, and optimizing SEO with a focus on pagespeed and eCommerce, Mr. Kopp brings a wealth of technical expertise to his endeavors. Since 2022, he has also been deeply involved in artificial intelligence, advising the Federal Republic of Germany and contributing thought leadership through lectures and articles for Heise Online.

Nicolas Kopp will be speaking about:

Sales & Marketing

Wie man seinen CV in einen Recruiter-Magneten verwandelt!

Calendar Workshop Room   Time May 15, 16:25-17:05

(This session will be in German)

In dieser Runde wird Nicolas praktische Tipps geben, wie man seinen Lebenslauf in einen Jobmagneten verwandeln kann und sich so auf dem Projektmarkt hervorhebt. Wenn du deinen Lebenslauf live in der Fragerunde besprechen möchtest, sende ihn bitte an