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Julia Gertz - IT Lawyer

Tia Hardy Robinson

Co-Founder & CEO of Expath

Facilitating global talent relocation to Germany since 2012. Consulting on global mobility beyond visas and language training. Advocate for empowering girls through Girls Gearing Up.

About Tia Hardy Robinson

Tia Hardy Robinson, Co-Founder & CEO of Expath, has been orchestrating the relocation of international talents to Germany since 2012. Her company, Expath, handles everything expats need for a successful transition, from visas to language training.

Beyond her leadership role, Tia provides consulting services to HR teams, founders and solo entrepreneurs, offering insights on best practices in global mobility, learning & development, and managing German business bureaucracy.

Outside the professional sphere, Tia is a devoted mother to her fabulous, fearless daughter. She is also passionately involved in supporting girls through Girls Gearing Up, aiming to nurture confidence and leadership skills in young girls.

Tia Hardy Robinson will be speaking about:

Admin & Legal

Compliance Success for Freelancers in Germany

Calendar Workshop Room   Time May 15, 10:30-11:10

(This session will be in English)

In this session, Tia will focus on the top 10 mistakes made by freelancers in Germany, including issues like misunderstanding VAT and income taxes, neglecting retirement planning, overlooking proper bookkeeping, invoicing, and contracts, language barriers, GDPR compliance, and optimizing expenses and health insurance.